This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  • GUI: fixed disappearing settings widgets on KDE hosts (bug #6809)
  • Storage: fixed hang under rare circumstances with flat VMDK images
  • Storage: a saved VM could not be restored under certain circumstances after the host kernel was updated (bug #8983)
  • Storage: refuse to create a medium with an invalid variant (for example Split2G with VDI; bug #7227)
  • Snapshots: none of the hard disk attachments must be attached to another VM in normal mode when creating a snapshot
  • USB: fixed occasional VM hangs with SMP guests (bug #4580)
  • USB: proper device detection on RHEL/OEL/CentOS 5 guests (partial fix for bug #8978)
  • ACPI: force the ACPI timer to return monotonic values for improve behavior with SMP Linux guests (bug #8511 and others)
  • RDP: fixed screen corruption under rare circumstances (bug #8977)
  • rdesktop-vrdp: updated to version 1.7.0
  • OVF: under rare circumstances some data at the end of a VMDK file was not written during export
  • Mac OS X hosts: Lion fixes (bug #8903)
  • Mac OS X hosts: GNOME 3 fix
  • Linux hosts: fixed VT-x detection on Linux 3.0 hosts (bug #9071)
  • Linux hosts: fixed Python 2.7 bindings in the universal Linux binaries
  • Windows hosts: fixed leak of thread and process handles
  • Windows Additions: fixed bug when determining the extended version of the Guest Additions (4.0.8 regression; bug #8948)
  • Solaris Additions: fixed installation to 64-bit Solaris 10u9 guests (4.0.8 regression)
  • Linux Additions: RHEL6.1/OL6.1 compile fix
  • Linux Additions: fixed a memory leak during VBoxManage guestcontrol execute (bug #9068)

Download and more info:

Source: Changelog

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    Me: What can I do if I need to try to hack an existing (not self-made) PHP library?
    Sensei: Patience.
    Me: What can I do if I do not have the patience?
    Sensei: How long have you been coding?
    Me: 10 years… but why?
    Sensei: Sit on the floor, close your eyes and try to think about the last 10 years.
    Me: About the beginning?
    Sensei: If you have a good picture in your memory about the first 3 days of the first self-made program then try to remember the first time when you needed to hack that code.
    Me: Oh yes. I could hack that.
    Sensei: That was your code?
    Me: Yes.
    Sensei: Was it easy to read? Did you remember some lines of it?
    Me: Nope.
    Sensei: Why did you hack that?
    Me: Thanks Sensei… I will think of these.

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    We used MySQL with PHP… In the past months we try to migrate MySQL tables to MongoDB. And yes it was not a simple method ^_^ (but we did it).

    Now I’ll tell you a simple source of bugs because i have too much fun with this. We have a users table with some fields for example member_type (int). The types already migrated to MongoDB. We fetch the user and we make a query with member_type value but it doesn’t work for us. Why?

    Yes. When i call var_dump then i get a string but in MongoDB we need an integer. If you don’t use any ORM then if you fetch any data from MySQL what is an integer then you need a type conversion: (int)$row->member_type;

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