First Kiss with OUYA

The middle of 2012, that was the first time when I met Her. I was a proud builder in the big +Kickstarter land. I just started to walk around after my earlier pledge on an awesome Zombie Running game, the +Zombies, Run! After a few minutes I saw a fairy. I try to reach Her but I can not do that. Yes She was +OUYA with Her tiny silver box-body, slight roundness and sensitive Android soul.

I only dared to watch from a distance for a few days, then I tried to say something. A simple ‘Hello!’ was my goal but just a few stupid words left my mouth: “Eh, ah, hi!” and She looked at me. This is the heaven. We started to chat each other and after a few days I felt, I need Her presence.

As the days passed, the months passed and my feelings have not left me. December. In 2012. A cold winter, Christmas, near the New Year and She was far from me. Then came January, and then February, March, April, May and June. 2nd day of June. I got a letter. A letter from her with a simple title: #myouyaiscoming

I can not believe. I don’t. But it is true. Truer than anything else. The longest month in my life. She arrived at 29th of June, yes, in my house.

A strange feeling struck me like lightning. I got my OUYA, but no TV. I never planned to buy a TV. WTF? Where? How? What? No, I need a TV for that. A month later I got my shiny blinking box. It works. OUYA is alive!

to be continued.

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