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Facebook == ‘The Big Brother’ ?

Facebook activated a new function… This is Tag Suggestions (auto tagging) for photos. Facebook can recognize your face when you are tagged in another photo.

If you don’t want to enable photo-tagging automatically about you (on photos of other users) search Account (top right corner) > Privacy Settings > Customize settings > Things others share >(When photos look like me, suggest my name) and disable this function.

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Re: JDN 2/11: The UK Approach to Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Lawyer: Admit that the above can be seen of code you wrote?
Programmer: Yes.
Lawyer: Admit that this code is buggy?
Programmer: No.
Lawyer: But it’s visible that certain input values ​​pass control to the wrong place. So I ask again, admit mistakenness of the code?
Programmer: No… because under normal use this code is flawless.
Lawyer: What do you mean ‘normal use’?
Programmer: Let’s just say that not killing people.

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