Dear +Ingress and +Niantic Project,

I am an agent. I like this game and try to figure out how can this game more fun. My (and a lot of agents too) problem is the resonator strength.

If we unite and build a portal 2 agent and me and our portal will be L4 then a L1 agent can destroy it in a minute. When I got the mail about the attack, our portal is destroyed. L4 vs L1 is not problem, but the 3 vs 1 is a problem. Please upgrade your equations with this factor.

For instance, each resonator in a portal would get an extra multiplier about the agents number. If a portal has 8 resonators with 3 agents then each resonator get a 1.3 multiplier to their health. This would enhance the teamwork. Teamwork is the most epic line in the game but now teamwork is needed only for capturing. If 10 agents build a lot of portals then 1 agent can destroy all of them. I know you need to calculate about new agents but it is not fair.

P.level() = Level of Portal (P.level():3 = Portal L3)
P.agents() = Agents on the portal (P.agents():3 = 3 agents work on this portal)
Rx.level() = Level of Resonator #x (R1.level():6 = Resonator #1 L6)
Rx.portal() = Portal of the Resonator #x
Rx.damage(distance, xmp) = Damage on Resonator #x with an XMP (R1.damage(20, 1):230 = Resonator #1 got 230 unit as damage from 20 meters with a L2 XMP)

Rx.damage(distance, xmp):
return super.damage(distance, xmp) / (1 + (self.portal().agents()/10))

Or something else. But please give us some respect if we unite. Please make a difference between 1x8xL1 and 2x4xL1 resonators.

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