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Node.js – Database connection depends on environments

I hate when I need to use the same password on all of my computers only because I develop on multiple machines. For instance, I want to connect to the +MySQL database from my +node.js application , but my local configuration differs from the production environment (surprising thing is not it?).

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Why I love Node.js

Yes I know, Node.js is the new Hype but I think it’s more than a simple overrated thing. Few years ago I met Ruby and it was love at first sight. I felt it will be the new era of development. Yes it is but not what I was expecting. One year ago a met Node.js and I felt the same but it was not only inflammation, it’s a true love. I’m a programmer. I know a lot of languages and I specialised for PHP but it’s too limited and boring for me today. So I started to use that new-old language, Node.js. It’s new-old because I use JavaScript day by day but not as backend application.

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brunch – building HTML5 applications

Oh yeah! That’s what I was looking for. brunch is another framework with rails like app layout and structure and combining some of the very best existing frameworks.

  • Nice example (brunch todos)
  • npm package
  • Documentation (yes it’s a good point. Some of new products don’t have documentation)
  • Works well with existing VIM plugins and TextMate bundles
  • Has a Google+ page ^_^ ( come on, circle +Brunch ) no longer exists =(
  • Has an IRC channel at Freenode #brunch

Let’s create new, useful and featureful sites.
So check this site:

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New Stable version: Node v0.4.12 « node blog

ryandahl said:

Node v0.4.12 « node blog

2011.09.15, Version 0.4.12 (stable)

  • Improve docs
  • #1563 overflow in ChildProcess custom_fd.
  • #1569, parse error on multi-line HTTP headers. (Ben Noordhuis)
  • #1586 net: Socket write encoding case sensitivity (koichik)
  • #1610 Remove DigiNotar CA from trusted list (isaacs)
  • #1624 buffer: Avoid overrun with ‘binary’ encoding. (koichik)
  • #1633 buffer: write() should always set _charsWritten. (koichik)
  • #1707 hasOwnProperty usage security hole in querystring (isaacs)
  • #1719 Drain OpenSSL error queue
  • Fix error reporting in net.Server.listen

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And also published a new unstable version.

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