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Mac Apps – What I use on my Mac? (part 1) – Text Editors

There are a summary about apps what I use on my machine for my work. This is not a Top10 and this list doesn’t have any priority between programs, only a list… or rather first part of a list.

Ok… So I’m a developer, exactly a web developer with PHP, JavaScript (CoffeScript), CSS (SASS), HTML, MongoDB and MySQL (and with some other related services).

First category (this article) is „Text Editors”. I use two apps for it: TextMate and MacVim. One other for quick notes or sketches: iA Writer.


TextMate is a very good editor. TextMate can handle Projects, Group of files, single files and it has a lot of bundles. So I love it because it’s quick and simple but yet almost knows everything what it needs to know. What does Project support mean? You can create a project where you can add files, directories and groups. Groups look like a directory but not a directory. For example you create a Group with name „Controllers” and you can add files or directories into this Group. So if you have 100 controllers but want to work with only 10 then you can add only these 10 controllers instead of adding directory with all of controllers. This is why I really love this editor.


MacVim is the text editor Vim for Mac OS X. I used vim on Linux for ca. 10 years. So I love MacVim with nice look, 100% of vim :), handling and diversity. If you ever used vim then you know what does it mean but if you never used it… Just use TextMate ^_^ I don’t know why I love vim so much but I love. Maybe because there are so many things you can use it for and so hard to learn everything and this is the reason why I love it but probably this is not the background =)

iA Writer

iA Writer is a digital writing tool. It’s not a programmer’s tool it’s only a writing app. I use it on meetings for memo, writing specification sketches or when I try to collect my thoughts about a project but a MindMap would be too much. Simple clean and you can focus to writing (real-time formats the Markdown language, it’s really practical) on fullscreen and focus mode (highlight current paragraph and fade out others).