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OpenSource, but why?

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The OpenSource community is growing and growing these days, but many are still afraid of it. Today we can say, big companies contributed with at least one project to the OpenSource community, some of them made their software partially open, some of them made whole projects available. But why is it worth to publish a project as an OpenSource product? Why should we publish our pet-project and make it available for others? Read More...

Advent of Code 2017

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For a while, every year we have a Christmas. Before Christmas night we start to countdown as an Advent Calendar, someone does it with chocolate, pictures or (as a good developer) write code. Eric Wastl started the Advent of Code project and it’s awesome.


init 6, aka reboot in a clean and orderly manner

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A long time ago I started this blog. I don’t know when I bought it first :) I planned to start a blog in english. There was no reason why I write here. There is a lot of meaningless stuff and a few valuable post. A few days ago I sat in a park and I realised I want to write again. I want to share my researches, experiments and other (maybe) useful things.



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