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init 6, aka reboot in a clean and orderly manner

A long time ago I started this blog. I don’t know when I bought it first :) I planned to start a blog in english. There was no reason why I write here. There is a lot of meaningless stuff and a few valuable post. A few days ago I sat in a park and I realised I want to write again. I want to share my researches, experiments and other (maybe) useful things.

So I reboot the blog. I don’t purge the whole content because maybe my valuable posts will help someone (ahahaha but it’s not a joke). What I will publish here? I think Dev and Ops stuffs. Docker, Go, Ruby, Puppet, Chef and maybe AWS. I learned a lot and now I have a job in this area and not (sorry PHP developers, not offensive) just PHP keyboard flapping. I like PHP, I work with it for more than 10 years, but really, I don’t want to code PHP scripts every day. I want to hack. I want to build something big, something useful. I like to play with Docker and Go, but had not time to learn. Now I have time to learn and have time to play with them.

I can’t write things about PHP because I don’t know what is trivial and what is an interesting topic because the internet is full of PHP articles. I don’t feel any of them interesting. Sometimes I find something but I don’t know how to start and a few weeks later I just drop off the task from my “to do” list. So that’s why I didn’t want to make a “yet another PHP blog “.