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Mac Apps – What I use on my Mac? (part 2) – Communication

I wrote about Text Editors in my last post and now let’s see what I use for communication. I mean Email, IRC and IM as Communication.

I need to talk with others as in my personal life as in my work. So I need to separate these channels but it’s not easy. I’m lucky because in my work I need to use Skype so I can use GTalk in my personal life. Of course some channel must be mixed like IRC.


Adium is my best friend. I think this is the best client for GTalk. It can handle MSN and other protocols but I don’t use AOL, QQ, Gadu-Gadu, Yahoo!, Facebook Messenger or MSN. I use another app for IRC and Twitter but I can use Adium for it if I want. It has a lot of extras like themes, bots, notification sounds etc. So it’s really customizable.


Linkinus is a perfect IRC client for me. It looks clean and simple but smart. Ok I hate the predefined server list because I can’t delete all of them in a simple method only one-by-one but it supports multiple connections, multiple identities, channel options, “friends” tag and some other cool features.


Sparrow is an email client what specified to GMail. What? Yes. This client handles IMAP folders as labels like GMail. It’s really comfortable because I can put an email under two labels but in a legacy email client I can’t do this simply. Sparrow doesn’t support POP3 but I don’t use it so that is not my problem =). It has a really simple interface and a pleasure to work with it.


Skype was a big surprise for me on Mac. I used it on Linux and that was a totally #@$#%@$#. Then I tried it on Windows and that was better but not good. But I installed it on Mac because it was needed for my work and I couldn’t believe what I saw. It’s a clean, featureful and it works perfect without freezes, popups and UI-Fails. So if you also don’t like Skype then try it. Ok, actually if I don’t need to use it then I don’t do it but the Mac client is awesome.