3 ways to be a Healthy Programmer

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Are you healthy? Stand up! Leave your keyboard for a moment!

Few days ago I started to read a book. My best quote from this book was a short but really intense sentence and I started to think again. Think about my past and my current life.

We aren’t born unhealthy — we become unhealthy through a combination of bad habits and environmental pressures

The Healthy Programmer: Get Fit, Feel Better, and Keep Coding by Joe Kutner

It’s true. When I was young, innocent boy, then I tried to do something new, something interesting. I sat at my Commodore C64 and read books about programming. I loved that, but sometimes I left this desk and I went out to the garden and the park.

Now I grew up (a little bit) and I have not forgotten this. Sometimes I stand up and go to the nearest park, walk up and down, sit on a bench and sometimes I run just for fun. It’s ok. I love that way but how?


Google Calendar and Google Apps Script

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Manage Overtime With Google Calendar and Drive with Google Apps Script…

First of all, you have to know:

  • You can create events in Google Calendar
  • You can create recurring events in Google Calendar
  • You can create Spreadsheets in Google Drive
  • You can write scripts for you Spreadsheets in Google Drive
  • Your Google Apps Scripts can reach all of you data in other Google Documents

Google Talk 1.3 with Video and Voice chat vs. Samsung Galaxy S

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First of all: It’s not easy (maybe)

If you used Google you found a lot of howto about it. Any of them worked for you?

  • Yes: You are lucky =) This is not your article. Share it and enjoy your gTalk 1.3
  • No: same problem here. Your are on the way to solve your great problem.

Galaxy S with Android 2.3.5 (+root) with Heimdall

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First of all: Make backup (root your phone and save apps, contacts, /efs directory from the root and others)

Ok. The easiest way to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) is to use Heimdall. =) This is an Open Source project (see the project page).

What is Heimdall? Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung Galaxy S devices.

Let’s see it step-by-step:


Image upload? Watch out!

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Some days ago I saw a vulnerable website. ImageShare site of my friend. I don’t use websites like this. I just checked it and I found a bug. After my discovery, I looked into that matter. That was deeper than I thought.


What can I do…

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Me: What can I do if I need to try to hack an existing (not self-made) PHP library?

Sensei: Patience.

Me: What can I do if I do not have the patience?

Sensei: How long have you been coding?

Me: 10 years… but why?


Facebook == 'The Big Brother' ?

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Facebook activated a new function… This is Tag Suggestions (auto tagging) for photos. Facebook can recognize your face when you are tagged in another photo.

If you don’t want to enable photo-tagging automatically about you (on photos of other users) search Account (top right corner) > Privacy Settings > Customize settings > Things others share > (When photos look like me, suggest my name) and disable this function.


Professional backup with Git

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Backup is a very-very important thing in IT. The loss of code-snippets, patch-sets, configurations or documents is very painful for programmers, system administrators and secrataries.

There are many options for this, among others hand (manually) copying. There are many applications responsible for backup on Linux, Mac or Windows. Many people use rsync as lacyc3 wrote a good post about it (in Hungarian).

What happens if the target is a remote machine?

Of course, it’s a good idea because when your local machine fails you can restore all data. For example I use git.


prettify into Tumblr

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Open your own Tumblr dashboard and here click to the Customize.

In the Theme menu click to Custom HTML… It will load code of the current template… Find the <body> string and replace it with this lines: