MarsEdit for blogging. It grows continuously with new features, bug-fixes. The developers are very responsive and if I need some help or have a question they answer me quickly. You can add new html tag shortcuts in a convenient interface and you can make a template for previews to make it look like on the production site. MarsEdit supports a ton of blog engines like Blogger, Blogware, Drupal, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Tumblr, TypePad, WordPress and some others but if your blog engine is not supported don’t worry if that supports one of the public blog APIs you can add it with API Endpoint and System API type.

ScreenFlow is a very useful and small screen capture app. It knows what needed but not so complex like some others. You can record from your webcam and your screen or a part of your screen. You can record your voice with microphone but if you don’t have a microphone or you don’t want to add your voice to the video then you can add audio and video files to the project. It has (not a ton but) a lot of transition effects. Yeah If I needed to summarize in one word then I would say „Usability”.

Courier is my favorite sharing tool. It has a lot of extras like Facebook and sharing. Why is it so good? First I can create multiple envelops. Each envelop can have some attached services with unique options. For example I created an image share envelop that has a Facebook and a account. If i drop a file into this envelop then these files will be uploaded to these services. So I drop a photo of my daughter into it, I press the deliver button and Courier uploads that photo to my Facebook wall and puts into the /Social/Photos on my account. My other is a 2Phone envelop connected with my account and if I put some files into this envelop then that files will be uploaded into my /2Phone directory and then I can download on my phone or share this file with others via

Reeder for RSS. I think this is the best choice if you have a Google Reader account. This app needs a Google Reader account and works perfect with that. If you read an article in your browser it will read in Reeder app and vice versa. It has a lot of plugins/services like Email, Evernote, MarsEdit, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper, Pinboard, mobilizers and some others. It has a quick and clean interface with a lot of shortcuts.

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I wrote about Text Editors in my last post and now let’s see what I use for communication. I mean Email, IRC and IM as Communication.

I need to talk with others as in my personal life as in my work. So I need to separate these channels but it’s not easy. I’m lucky because in my work I need to use Skype so I can use GTalk in my personal life. Of course some channel must be mixed like IRC.

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There are a summary about apps what I use on my machine for my work. This is not a Top10 and this list doesn’t have any priority between programs, only a list… or rather first part of a list.

Ok… So I’m a developer, exactly a web developer with PHP, JavaScript (CoffeScript), CSS (SASS), HTML, MongoDB and MySQL (and with some other related services).

First category (this article) is „Text Editors”. I use two apps for it: TextMate and MacVim. One other for quick notes or sketches: iA Writer.

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Oh yeah! That’s what I was looking for. brunch is another framework with rails like app layout and structure and combining some of the very best existing frameworks.

  • Nice example (brunch todos)
  • npm package
  • Documentation (yes it’s a good point. Some of new products don’t have documentation)
  • Works well with existing VIM plugins and TextMate bundles
  • Has a Google+ page ^_^ ( come on, circle +Brunch ) no longer exists =(
  • Has an IRC channel at Freenode #brunch

Let’s create new, useful and featureful sites.
So check this site:

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