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This Is Not Facebook

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I don’t didn’t circle him (+DeAno Jackson: he is the author) but after this Letter… Yes, I circled him and not into the “WTF?” or “He gets a chance, maybe” circle.


Google Talk 1.3 with Video and Voice chat vs. Samsung Galaxy S

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First of all: It’s not easy (maybe)

If you used Google you found a lot of howto about it. Any of them worked for you?

  • Yes: You are lucky =) This is not your article. Share it and enjoy your gTalk 1.3
  • No: same problem here. Your are on the way to solve your great problem.


Galaxy S with Android 2.3.5 (+root) with Heimdall

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First of all: Make backup (root your phone and save apps, contacts, /efs directory from the root and others)

Ok. The easiest way to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) is to use Heimdall. =) This is an Open Source project (see the project page).

What is Heimdall? Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung Galaxy S devices.

Let’s see it step-by-step:


Image upload? Watch out!

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Some days ago I saw a vulnerable website. ImageShare site of my friend. I don’t use websites like this. I just checked it and I found a bug. After my discovery, I looked into that matter. That was deeper than I thought.



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